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The ASIA Pacific region is becoming increasingly important for the Automotive and Mobility industry, especially for suppliers.


We forecast also potentials at Chinese, Korean and Japanese OEMs and describe the ASEAN region as relocation hub for certain value chains.


Chinese OEMs enter ASIA Pacific for example via Thailand, a Korean OEM is already strong in India and moves into Singapore. Others will follow soon.


Particularly electrification of Two- and Three-Wheelers is booming.


The Asia-Pacific region is becoming more and more important for all kinds of electronic components and systems from printed circuit boards to passive and active components to complex electronic assemblies.


In addition to China, many companies are investing in organizations and factories in the Asia Pacific region in order to benefit from the advantages of cost competitive-ness with excellent quality at the same time and to meet the requirements of risk management in supply chain.


For many companies, the move to Asia-Pacific is often a major challenge in terms of making the right decisions about organization, locations and the supply chain.

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